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I’ve been keeping a bit of a secret from y’all recently. After much contemplation, confusion and deliberation, I finally followed my heart and am now trained as a qualified INDEPENDENT TRAVEL AGENT 🗺✈

As most (all) of you know I absolutely love travelling and have ALWAYS been a big believer that everyone should see more of the world and experience more of what’s around them, I can finally help you guys book holidays, experiences and holidays!

I will be working with a company that have over 25 years of experience and work alongside some big names such as TUI, James Villas, Disneyland and HoSeasons to name a few.

Are you looking to book a family holiday? Or want to surprise a loved one? Arranging a hen do or a stag do? Let me see if I can help you with it! 💃♥

Alternatively if you travel regularly or want to try this business out yourself, let me know and we can do this together! I can show you how to earn commission on any sales that you make. 👀

PLEASE like & share my travel page:

You can contact me via the travel page or through one of my various social media outlets; the choice is yours.


Tasha’s Tales ✨

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