Why the hashtag #TravelTalesOfaMuslim 

I imagine that those of you who know me well must be thinking “has she gone mad?” But hear me out as I explain the madness behind this new craze of mine. 

Everyone that I know loves weekends. Or at least those who work full time tend to look forward to being off on weekends. Well for me Saturdays are always a day for an adventure; new places and new foods. For me that’s what I do on my days off. I tend to grab the bare essentials; my hiking boots/trainers, a hat and some munchies in my backpack and off I go without looking back. 

Now here’s the thing.  During all of the hikes and walks I’ve ever been to, there are always other walkers/hikers that will stop and say hello or nod their heads as they pass us charming smile. It’s just a reminder that there’s more good out there than bad. Or so I’d like to think. After all ‘Smile, it’s Sunnah’. 

So during these trips and adventures there’s a real common theme. I never ever see any ‘brown’ faces! I mean EVER! (And before anyone points out, I know not all Muslims are brown- my grandmother is Muslim and she’s not brown either- but I hope you get my gist!). So Moving on, just last weekend, it kind of daunted on me that I have always met some wonderful people when I’ve been out on little adventures. However none of these individuals were Muslim or represented Islam. And yeah of course I’m not discriminatory in the slightest. After all “We are many, but we are one”. Yep, I strongly and truly believe that in terms of humanity. 

But over the last few years, the media has  developed such negativity and hatred towards Muslims, that I strongly feel that it is our duty to do more and to erase this misconception. I feel that we can do that by going out more, meeting new people and doing Dawah just by being kind. I want to be an inspiration to other Muslims by making people aware that we are harmless. Just like non-Muslims, we too enjoy having fun and view terrorists in the same light. To minimise their fears and apprehension. 

Hence, I urge you to travel more. And by that I don’t mean get on the next flight to somewhere abroad. But to start by just taking a short walk to the nearest park or attraction. While you’re there, just smile at a stranger, feed the birds, stroke a dog, you know it’s really not that hard! Do whatever makes you ‘human’ and then share your Travel Tales with friends and family because I guarantee that you’ll always have a tale. Like when I stopped hiking half way up to Sycamore Gap to say hello to the cutest little baby boy who was not more than 5 months, wearing cool glasses and being strapped on his dad’s tummy. It’s memories like those that stay with you forever and inspire you.

I am just attaching some pictures from some of my recent “wanderlust” moments! 

Enjoy and spread the word- or the hashtag in this case! Lawls!


7 thoughts on “Why the hashtag #TravelTalesOfaMuslim 

  1. What a view 😍

    And I wholeheartedly agree! Us Muslims shouldn’t simply shrug any responsibility off just because WE’RE not extremists. I love your initiative, it’s exactly what I’m trying to do myself! We should all do our part in dispelling these misconceptions 😀


    • Thank you so much for your comment. And yes, Hence the blog. I’m hoping to inspire more Muslims to travel more. To overcome what ever it is that’s holding them back


  2. Definitely definitely agree with this!! Us “brown” people are very lazy in comparison! (Not to start any race wars). I absolutely love travelling and going out and exploring and it’s so nice to see someone (brown and muslim!) Advocating that! Thank you!

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